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Hello, I am Mixtrix! You might or might not already know Me! I am THE Perfect. Femdom. Goddess. A natural born Domme, I am also a LIFESTYLE femdomme as well as online Domme and real/time sessions Goddess and Femdom


Now that all the formalities have been addressed, let me tell you what's up.  I expect, you accept.  While I am busy putting the fundom in femdom, my minions are busy working to be useful to Me in all the ways their bitch asses could possibly accomplish.  I like boys who can be of use to me. So go ahead and throw your dick at my feet. I will have one of my bitches toss it in the pile over in the corner with the manhoods of all the rest of the cunts who have had the good fortune to be graced with my company. 


So fall in line.  Dicks leak at My presence because they're so fucking happy to see Me.

And all those same dicks stand at attention when I walk in the room. What does this mean for you, the common bitch reading this? It means I know a secret. Once I control a man's dick, I control his mind. If I control his mind, I control him.  you're next, bitch. Come get used by a Superior who will appreciate your efforts and sacrifices.


Kinks I enjoy include dominating you in any fucking way that appeals to Me at that moment. What I am interested in exploring varies from sub to sub. As individuals, different things are more fun with certain people.  Check out My Interests page for more specifics. I'm sure the thought of Me enjoying all those things will give you a boner, lol.


Limits are minors, animals, and death. Everything else depends on who's asking. 



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