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putting the fundom in findom


I am all about pleasureand having some fun. As a matter of fact, I try NOT toget involved in any shit unles it has some fun potential. Matter of fact, its the whole reason I do all this shit. If a person gets involved in findom for any reason except fun she will be sorely disappointed and likely wont last long in the game. This includes doing it just for themoney. If she gets involved in findom just for money, then she wont find it very enjoyable. The money isn findom is extremely up and down. Most things I do will NOT generate money. So why do them at all? Purely for the fun. If I do it for the fun then I'm never disappointed because I usually get what I came for. I do all this because I ENJOY it and themoney is just a perk. It enables me to have the good fortune tohave a hobby, career, and lifestyle that are one and the same.

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