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welcome to my new site. you're home, perv!

After literally years of saying I wasnt sure if I even wanted a site, I have changed my mind. I have way too much content to NOT have a personal site at this point really. Wall of shame? Hell no, I need a whole HOUSE for the shit I've been collecting, lol. Because of this I have decided to release a whole "shame suite." These are Mixtrix sites dedicated to sharing the fun I have been having at the expense of a particular boy in each. Check them out: and

I will be updating these SOON and have tons of new content I am working on for BOTH. But as you see, I have been a lil sidetracked by my OWN site, lol. Go figure, you'll have to wait for your moment of "glory" boys, I'm too busy getting mines. lolol. I kind of think of myself as the "Corporation" and my boys/subs/slaves are my "brands." I use them to make myself bigger and better.

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