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Now that my site is FINALLY underway, Im going to create a page just to link to banners and profiles of my fellow Domme buddies. A while back both Miss Taphophile, my co-humiliatrix on and an awesome femdom in her own right, as well as Empress Isis, who if you dont know her yet is gorgeosu and does ome great hypno fetish vids, asked me if I had a banner I would like to submit to their links pages. At the time, I didnt have a site so had nothing to really offer back yet, so I opted to wait til I could return the favor and display theirs on my site as well.

Well the time has finally come! After next week I should be able to add a new page to this site justtohelp promote my Domme buddies, and you an bet those two are the first I ask. So if any of my fellow Dommes would like to trade banner links, I will be doing so next week and hsould have them up by the end of next weekend if things go well.

now, which of MY banners should I submit for the pages of any ladies who offer it? hmmm, this:


or this:

Banner 2.jpg

leme know what you guys think!

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