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<<<note: this is a blog written by my slave of 2 years, stevo but I thought Id include it here because I enjoyed it and its about Me lol


his blog:

I would like to tell about a recent experience that made me feel ten feet tall! A few nights ago I accompanied the Amazing Owner of this humble slave, to a fetish party in a impressive homemade dungeon. For those who don't know I have been owned completely by Mixtrix for two years now. She owns me Body, mind and soul forever. Last night was the first chance we had to join in on the local scene. Mostly local people from Fetlife. This blog will seem a little self indulgent because this party seemed like the best Christmas present I could ever wish for. But its really my tribute to the Wonderful Mixtrix. We arrived at the party several hours after it had started . As we walked in the door every single eye suddenly shifted in our direction. There was a palpable feeling of shock and awe in the air. Having served Mixtrix in person for a while I am used to this reaction when Mixtrix enters a building or room. There were maybe ten people in the main room most dressed in their version of fetish wear. Most seemed to have been either store bought or more likely purchased from some online fetish boutique. But by far the sexiest outfit was worn by the Beautiful Goddess at my side Mixtrix. And she had fashioned her own outfit like some “ Cinderella” made from the cast off clothes of others. Someones old tee shirt that she had cut to meet her standards and a cincher around her waist to add a flair. Below these were a pair of some slaves confiscated boxer briefs that on her looked like sexy short shorts showing off by far the best pair of legs in the building and all the males there obviously and many openly agreed. There were many rooms in this house some had various forms of torture devices. Such as St Andrews Crosses and Stocks. As we walked upstairs we were motioned into a room where a slave was having sex and getting flogged. As I stood there with Mixtrx averting my innocent eyes from the action , I noticed a guy standing behind us openly masturbating. I alerted Mixtrix to the event and she laughed. Then I noticed he wasn't even watching the sex play but instead was staring at Mixtrix's amazing legs. Mixtrix also saw this and turned around and started walking out of the room. The guy suddenly spoke and said “ I Love your legs”.and reached out to shake her hand. Mixtrix just laughed and said “ that's your dick hand” and walked out. The whole night was like that. I had such a wonderful time. Mixtrix took me in one room and had me lay on my back and she began peeing right down my throat. When we entered the room it had been empty but I noticed as the flow started some other person had entered the room and was watching us enviously. In one of the gathering rooms Mixtrix allowed me to worship her Holy feet. As I lavished her perfect feet with kisses I could feel every eye in the crowded room on us. I even heard one man walk up and say “ I am so jealous”. We have since attended another dungeon night and with similar effect. It is so much fun serving Mixtrix in public. She knows just how to treat a slave , and has since received compliments on her handling of me. I would like to openly Thank Mixtrix THE Perfect. Findom. Goddess. so very much for allowing this lowly slave the honor of being the envy of all at the Fetish Ball.


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