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Cage your dix for Mix Day!

Those of you subs living in the USA will already be aware of it, but for you boys who live in the undeveloped and uncivilized rest of the world, July 4th is Independence Day here in the states. This is of course the day we celebrate bursting free from our evil imperial overlords because we liked tea and guns! And also the day we as Americans celebrate the beauty of fireworks form China after we use our grills for hot dogs AND hamburgers because we have the freedom to have BOTH. Or something like that, lol.

Since it is a day for celebrating our freedoms here I thought it might be a great day to remind my boys that I took theirs. So if youre one of those who actively does serve Me or wants to serve Me or has in the past served Me, then Saturday July 4th is the day you will be celebrating Cage your dix for Mix Day! So celebrate the fact that I own your dick and/or your mind by wearing your cage July 4th in honor of ME!

So if you own a chastity cage and we arent already using it, then break it out and dust it off because on Saturday its time to report in and let me know you put that fucker on in My Honor!

I will be tweeting the caged dick pics from boys who send Me one that says somewhere on it "Cage your dix for Mix Day." This can mean editing those words onto your pic OR simply holding up a piece of paper with the words "Cage your dix for Mix Day" written on it next to your shrivelled cocklet in its cage when you take the pic to send me.

I am curious to see if even one of you fucks does this correctly, if at all, lol. Regardless, this is a chance to use that cage you normally have to hide somewhere from prying eyes. And to only have to "play chastity" for one day, which ought to at least appeal to those who are part timers or too pussified to REALLY offer up their dicks to a woman for any REAL length of time, lolol.

So on Saturday, July 4th break out those cages and make your lame dicks useful to a Lady for once in you life by locking up your dicks for Me for the day! It should go without saying that this applies to unowned boys ONLY, but some dummies have to be reminded, lol.So let's celebrate my freedom with a loss of yours!


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