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A pervert's Journey, PART ONE - *inspired by Mixtrix*- a blog about me by shtstnbtch, the butthu

This blog originally appeared on and can be found here:

It was written by shtstnbtch after we had spoken on skype IM and he could not quit thinking about Me.

Here is part one, and many thanks to the sub admirer who took the time to write this!

A pervert’s Journey The advent of the internet spiced the pervert’s fetish world incredibly. No more magazines stashed beneath the mattress, cum stained photos and grimy video cassettes. Every dirty fetish and fantasy was now his digital buffet, any time of day or night. So why was he becoming less satisfied, less content? He even conversed on Skype and used Teamviewer for interactions. Why was his interest waning? It was all becoming somewhat mundane now this old pervert. There were of course exceptions to the rule. Some sessions were still memorable. One such recent encounter was through That was 2 weeks ago, a fantasy sharing adventure with Mixtrix. What was different was that the entire time he sensed that She was not talking fantasy. This incredible domme sounded like the events would truly come to pass. This played on his mind…could it really happen?… was She really going to permit him to be humiliated in person? Did She truly intend to carry out the things they talked about? Humiliate his wife? Have him serve other subs? Whore him out to gay men? Either She was exceptionally clever at carrying through a fantasy, or She really meant what had been purely imagination for him up to that point. Several days passed, they exchanged messages and he confessed that his sex life was at an all time high. His wife of 30 years could not believe the renewed energy in their lovemaking. All because he had Mixtrix on his mind - and the possibility of a real life encounter. One week after his initial Skype with Her, he was begging to meet. He could not stand the intensity of his anticipation and needed to follow through. She set the date and the place. Driving away from Atlanta in the early morning hours he knew he had now crossed the line. His journey had taken him to a new level. He was shocked by the assigned location. Not a luxury hotel at all. rather it was one of the seediest motels he’d ever seen. Immediately he understood; She wanted to reinforce that he was Her whore, a cheap dirty slut such as would be found in such an establishment. When he opened the door, the stale smell assaulted his nostrils. And his KIK dinged! A PHOTO! A picture of him at the door of this flea bag motel. She was obviously across the street and had snapped his picture! Text - “It’s your last chance to back out fucker. Once I come over, you’ll never be able to leave your new reality. This journey is one way only”

nice, huh? I will include part two if/when he writes it!!!

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