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"Part Two - Pervert's Journey *inspired by Mixtrix*": fan fiction written about me by

(This is part two of a fantasy blog written about Me by shtstnbtch, a total asswipe who is obsessed enough with Me that he wrote some fan fiction! I, of course think this is awesome. It originally appeared here:

Enjoy reading this pervert's fantasy regarding Goddess Mixtrix!)

The truth is it was already too late. It was probably too late the 1st time he strayed into Mixtrix' radar. He submissively closed the door, leaving it unlocked. Following Her previous instructions, he removed his shirt and spread it out in the rust stained, scum encrusted bathtub. He carefully placed his cotton khakis, boxers and one sock. The other he shoved in the drain as there was no plug. Kneeling, facing the wall, in the dark and dank motel room he awaited what would follow. For 20 mins he knelt on the carpet which reeked of vomit, beer and cat piss. Just when he thought She may not come in, the door creaked on its rusted hinge and then softly closed and he could hear the chain latched in place. Resisting the temptation to look over his shoulder, he kept his gaze at the wall ahead and felt Her presence slip past him into the bathroom. Ahhhhhhh.... he heard Her relieving Herself into the tub, and Her first words with a chuckle; "serve me well, and may let you wring your clothes out before you slither your way home. hahahahaha!". His heart was pounding almost as hard as the throbbing of his engorged member between his legs. She stood behind him for what seemed 10 mins before grabbing a fistful of hair, yanked his head back and spit creamy globs into each of his eyes. "Now you see me, now you don't. hahahaha!" With that, She shoved him to the floor and planted Her arse firmly upon his face. The texture of the soft shorts was beyond his ever imagined pleasure. The firmness with which She remained seated however was a bit frightening. Squirming into position, it was not long before Mixtrix had his air supply restricted and controlled. Nor did he particularly struggle. He settled into this submissive posture and surrendered his every breath to Her control. His reward for doing so was expressed in a barely audible pfffffft..... and a gaseous release that permeated his nostrils, his throat and lungs. "Worship Mixtrix's scent, adore Me and thank Me, you worthless shitstain." mmmmmphhh..... mmmmphh... thank You Miss, thank You, he gasped as was rewarded with a louder blast. What Mixtrix had said in their Skype time was true; Her ass and all its attributes were to be savoured. "Your dick-clit is oozing:, She laughed. She wiped the drops off with a baggie. He was unaware of losing consciousness. Her sultry voice was instructing him as he came to again; "you are not to wash your man boobs. Understand? The left one has been well coated with My lovely ass juice. The right has been smeared with My pussy juice. Make out to your wife as soon as you return home. When she sucks on those nipples of yours ask her which one she likes best. hahahaha! And at bedtime, make sure she uses this toothbrush. Let's just say it's been places you long to worship!!! I have decided you are to wear your clothes home dripping wet, no wringing them dry. Understand? Good. And by the way, if you need cash for your piss soaked drive home, you'll need to refill your wallet at an atm. I helped Myself to its contents!" Without another word She exited the stinky motel room and closed the door. He lay on the floor sobbing. Sobbing with joy at the journey into depravity and humiliation.

(thank you, shtstnbtch for writing this! It made my day! -Mixtrix)

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