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My View on Chastity

Since the beginning of time, almost EVERYTHING humankind/mankind has accomplished has been driven by men's need to acquire pussy so to speak. Besides the obvious need for food, shelter, and certain mental and physical aspects of being social, SEX is THE number one drive in humans, as in any animal. The need to reproduce is THE biggest urge and developed that way so as to ensure each species furthers itself. That being said, ALL of man's biggest accomplishments have been to make him "great" or in other words to be the number one attractor of pussy. despite the fact most men today think of their success as stemming from another place in themselves, those kind of drives and abilities really came to be as a result of the need to get one's pickle wet. This is the original urge that pushes men to conquer, so as to have the status and perhaps security that attracts members of the opposite sex or puts him in a position to acquire what he craves sexually either thru position, or having the material wealth to attract it etc. In other words, major accomplishments are made because of the PURSUIT of sex. So what happens when sex is had? That need is sated. In your average everyday man, this translates to mission accomplished, I can rest on my laurels. Chastity RETAINS that energy, focus and drive. Men get shit DONE when their dicks are locked because their bodies are kept in a state of not being physically satisfied. They can then use the drive they would normally use pursuing sex to focus in on OTHER accomplishments. And men are at their very best when productive. Chastity just helps them retain that productive state. ALL MEN NEED DICK CONTROL!

(the above text is actually what I wrote in response to a sub-written blog on chastity that was originally published on by the Domme who had tasked him with it. since My comment told so much of My own views on chastity, I thought I'd post it here. -Mixtrix)

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