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New Interest Section on Site!

In addition to FINALLY connecting a REAL domain name to this, My Official Site (now at ), I have also added a NEW interests section as well as all kinds of other tweaks, updates and more, and as always there's NO artificial flavor, EVER. I'm REAL, bitch! lol.

Easter egg alert! As of the time of this blog, I have added a NEW awesome secret easter egg link on site in celebration of the new domain and updates! Let Me know if you found it, what it was, and where. It would make my day to know one of you fuckers found it, and how much you enjoyed getting to see!

Previously, I had my interests listed very simply in my "A Little About Mixtrix" page on this site. Theyare very simply put as "Limits are minors, animals, and death. Everything else depends on who's asking."

This states in the most simple way exactly how I feel regarding my limits AND my interests actually. I like being on the Dominant end of most BDSM fetishses, theres very few that don't interest Me, I have at least a minimal interest in pretty much allof them. Of course some I favor more than others, and those are why I made thenew list/site page of My Interests. I wanted potential subs/bitches/slaves/boys to be able to see a sort of map of what my tastes in play are. Now of course there might be some that are not listed. For instance, blackmail is not something I enjoy or am willing to engage in usually, so I omitted it because there is basically no interest in my part. Others such as bondage I DO enjoy, but make no claims to specialize in and it isnt an area of particular expertise, so I prefer not to list it even though I WOULD likely be interested in engaging in it at times.

StartFragment As it says on this site, "Limits are minors, animals, and death. Everything else depends on who's asking." EVERYTHING ELSE DEPENDS ON WHO'S ASKING. Now THAT is THE most important part when talking about My Interests. That line is key and really says a lot about how I operate. I enjoy BDSM and domination, so I prefer to interact with submissives whose service/company/play I enjoy. Also, some of my BDSM fetish interests are things I will only do with certain boys, but not others. As much as I enjoy facesitting my bitches, its pretty unlikely YOU are gonna get that from Me. I mean, I don't fucking know you, lol. Also certain fetishes and scenarios are simply more fun to engage in with certain boys. A fetish might appeal to Me when enacted with one sub, but not with others.

EVERYTHING I do is completely individualized-no two boys are the same, so I cannot treat evryone in the same manner. Most of my very best play will usually go to My bitches who have EARNED that privilege-they contribute to My Life and add value to it. They have contributed with NO expectation of these things, but rather simply to know Me and be a part of MY LIFE, and to show adoration to THE IRREPLACEABLE FINDOM GODDESS, MIXTRIX. I bring value to THEIR lives as well, and they are aware of this and will do anything to keep Me in it. I am giving of My time, attention, and play to my boys who deserve it. This is why I cannot just give it away to any random jerkoff who approaches and has a hard-on for My Control. It would be a slap in the face to MY boys to just give away what they work so hard for. And we all know I'M the one doling out the slaps around here, not selfish stingy assholes I have never even met! lol

OR you can simply pay ME for a domination session, and fuck off afterwards. There is no shame in wanting to experience that with Me. The shame is from the fact that you're an unowned bitch who is too fucked up emotionally just to admit to yourself how bad you want it. Quit being such a pussy, lol.

Some subs/bitches/slaves/boys serve Me on a very casual level, and with some I have deeper, longterm relationships. It simply depends on the boy and where our connection takes us. I welcome all of it!


(in case you're too stupid or lazy to look at my interests page, here you go)

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