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Online Domme Online Show, Episode 3

I'm back from London! Everyone asks, where are the pics from London! Of course, anyone who knows me knows I only take pics CONSENSUALLY in my sessions, and also that I dont acually take pics of lke, my own personal life or vacations or even family and friends etc! I generally only take ones specifically for posting, not really so much for my own pleasure or memories etc. I have more pics of slave dick than I do members of my own family, lol! True!

Then again, I DID take some go pro footage of my awesome session with EssexSlaveUK. It is entirely possible that it might see the light of day, lol.

In the meantime, here is episode 3 of the Online Domme Online Show. Goddess Aiden and I had so much great, deep, and thoughtful conversation that I hated having to edit any of it! But I know the people of the net like their stuff bite-sized, so I tend to keep it fairly short so that folks might actually watch the whole thing! lol Long enough to be a show, short enough to watch. And oh yeah, stevo fucks a tomato! enjoy!

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