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Live In Slave Experience

Do you have a lifelong fantasy of a live-in TPE experience? Of course you do! Most subs DO wish to have this experience, but it simply isn't practicla or realistic to drop one's daily obligations and really commit to live the dream. I am aware of this. So I wanted to create something where wanna be slave boys could experience this, but in a short term immersive experience that could be experienced in the time it takes to take a "business trip" or maybe during a few days of vacay. Now THAT is something a lil more feasible. It is sort of like the concept of Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp or Baseball fantasy Camp, but it's Live IN Slave Fantasy Camp.

Many slaves who have fetishes related to being feminized or toilet slavery or service especially could really thrive in getting to serve in this environment. Some of these fetishes are hard to get to experiuence in a really full and lifestyle way during an hour. Serving as my temporary Live-In, a slave could experience sopme of these things in a more immersive setting where they can "live it" for a few days. I plan to offer 1-3 days for now, and of course this will be 24 hours a day service to me at my beck and call, etc, in an IN HOME setting. Many dungeons offer fantastic overnighting services, but it can be very costly and there are often hours during the day that are "black" where the Mistress will not be available. The Experience I am offering is in an In Home setting of a 24/7 Domme Mistress who loves TPE and enjoys incorporating various other fetishes into my D/s lifestyle on a day to day basis. You will serve me as my live in slave and be trained to do my bidding as well as engage in other BDSM as desired or as part of the training. Think about it. If you were a full toilet slave, would one hour REALLY be enough, or would you want to follow Goddess around all day, to be of FULL service to her in a longer setting? you KNOW to really live out THAT fantasy, you need to experience it in a lifestyle setting. Even if that isnt your thing, think about whatver YOUR THING is and how wonderfulit would be to experience it i a lifestyle setting, 24 hours of the day with a strict and demanding Goddess?

I will of course require a deposit for evry stay. This deposit will be the same regardless of serving me for 1,2 or 3 days. There will also be a daily fee of course per day stayed. My own personal live-in slave will be on hand as well to ensure my own safety with first time visitors, to assist in the training process as needed and to be a liason for the visiting slaves. There will be background checks as necessary, and the fee for these will come from the deposit fee. I will also need to know any pertinent medical history or issues that you might be experiencing as well as medications you take prior to being in my home. This is of course a safety precaution and I will of course request other information as well that will stay completly private and will be locked in a veracrypt vault for your own safety so it cannot be accessed by others. You can rest assured this info will NOT be shared with anyone else. You will agee to follow house rules and will sign your agreement to them in writing. You will also be required to sign a confidentiality/no disclosure agreement, because let's face it, crazy shit happens in the House of Mixtrix and I'M the one who decides when it gets released, lol. You will also be allowed to opt out of any image taking or filming. you will be allowed to participate using a mask if you prefer, when pics are taken if you wish to participate yet hide your identity. of course when cams are off, there are no masks, lol.

This is the one way some of you will everget to experience something like this and I am fully aware of it. You are welcome for making this possible. There will be imitators, but there is only ONE Mixtrix and I am well aware of it.

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