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Happy Mixtrix Day!

Well well well, it's almost September 25th, My Birthday. I will be 42 this year and I am fucking proud of it! I really truly have only gotten better looking , smarter, and Goddess Perfect as I have aged, so I welcome it!

NOw let's get down to business. You and I both know that Me being around has improved YOUR life. I dont care if it is because you ask me for advice, if you have sessioned with Me, if you serve me fulltime, you're just a random fan, or some bitchboy who cannot STOP jerking off to the concept and Femdom Reality that is Mixtrix. For this, you owe Me. I am fuckin irreplaceable-if you know Me then you already know this. You know the improvements or excitement that has come to your life courtesy of My Existing somewhere in your life. Just think, it literally would be different without Me. I have affected ALL of you. You owe me for this.

So here is how I want you to show Me your appreciation. Even if you never have shown Me yet, now is a great time to show you realize how important I am to you and how much you look forward to whatver I do. I have made some wishlist linkd for various BDSM and Domming related things I want to do, including DomCon. Everything from latex outfits to lotions to dungeon furniture, it's your turn to help make acquisitions such as these possible for Me.

see what it is I would like to add to my collection:


BDSM-gear store GC's:

BDSM stuffs:



Would really LOVe any of the latex and ESPECIALLY gift certifs to, they have a fuck ton of awesome things to degrade and humiliate my boys with!

Happy MIxtrix Day evryone, JERK ALL DAY on Friday 09-25 in her honor, but be sure and send a gift, you dickhead, lol.

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