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Online Domme Online Show, Episode 4

Finally episode 4 fresh off the edits! This episode's guest is Princess Madison, a longtime friend. she is also site staff at, along with yours truly. stevoslave is the slave guest/sucker/bitch this time around. he was tasked with learning the dance to NSYNC's song "Bye, Bye, Bye" which many of you may remember has a very distinct dance that goes alongh with it. well stevo's attempt at lerning this dance was a MEGA FAIL, lol. he did however, succeeed in making us laugh with a fuckig ridiculous elephant impersonation though. now THAT was a winner, lol. You guys should see some of the stuff that gets edited out! Someday I might do a "lost footage" episode to show all the bloopers and insanity from the filming, as well as some really good conversation that had to be cut in some episodes simply for time.

And speaking fo future episodes, I have some really great ones coming up. I will be interviewing some fantastic Dommes with newsworthy stories, and also one of our male Findom brothers to get a perspective on their side of the scene. And keep an eye out for the upcoming "slumber party" episode, where a whole gang of us Dommes have pajama party girl talk, and of course gang up on some dipshit slave or two, lol.

Here is Episode 4, as promised! Let me know if you enjoyed it!

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