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I went to DomCon!

DomCon Atlanta 2015 ws kind enough to let Me give an Industry Only Class, a Presentation during the Convention itself, AND asked Me to do a stage demo! I ended up doing 2! lol. So I packed up my stuff and threw a leash on My bitch stevo and we took a lil drive to Atlanta. Stayed at the hotel where the convention was held, which was pretty convenient despite the fact they were ultra paranoid about anyone from convention being seen by the vanilla hotel guests. I guess they knew stevo was on his way, huh, lol. Funny thing, our hotel room had NO number in the hallway. Could have just been a utility room, I suppose the number fell off or was stolen, lol. In other words, It was slummy and felt like home, lol.

I wish I had been able to attend more classes and presentations but was so wrapped up in My own obligations that I didnt not get to see as much as I would have liked. But I have no regrets, I enjoyed every minute and would actually like to try and do the same at the Los Angeles DomCon sometime soon.

There were plenty of people I got to meet and some I wished I had been able to talk to more! Mistress Emily was very cool and I didnet get to talk to her as much as I liked. Also loved meeting MIstress Kathy, Mistress Sebastien, Goddess Capri, Scarlet Sin, Goddess Sofia (yay another Findom) and Goddess Jude. I was particularly excited to meet Jude because we had already been in touch before DomCon and she will be appearing in a future episode of the Online Domme Online Show. She has a very interesting story that I believe the Findom community at large should take the time to hear.

If you guys know of any other good conventions or BDSM themed festivals that are worth checking out, let Me know...

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