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Ball Abuse Weekend

As many of you prolly already know, I have 24/7 access to a slave anytime I want the fun of man-abuse! My live-in lamo stevoslave has been his normal cross of very helpful bitchboy and annoying as fuck bumbler lately and I just wanted to show my appreciation for all of his effforts by having a whole weekend of genital abuse aimed right at him.

I termed this "No Mercy Weekend" just so I had something fun to yell at stevoslave before I slapped him in the dick or boxed his nuts, lol. Now the REALLY fun thing about this was that when I met stevo over 2 years ago, he had ZERO interest in CBT. Yes he is a TOTAL humiliation junky, so he would participate in some crotchal abuse now and then in sessions to please a Goddess or for laughs, but it was never really one of his main fetish interests or something he wanted to explore further. See, stevo's fetish interests transformed from being simply about his own gratification to slowly include mine, then further evolved to where I am now his only fetish. ANYTHING Mixtrix is good and desirable, including now his previously-avoided fetish of CBT. It all started one day when he said, "Miss, will you please hurt my nuts?" This consent got me totally wet of course, as I love taking advantage of these types of needs for receiving abuse as they are tied to my own needs to GIVE it!

Now one thing I knew I wanted to do in this weekend of ball abuse was to make it take place in a LIFESTYLE as opposed to dungeon setting. I wanted it to be the kinds of things I actually DO to stevo on a day to day basis. Now I know many of the things I do to him might not seem extreme to many, but I can assure you stevo's nuts would reply otherwise if they had the choice and anyone would listen, lol.

So I decided to record GIFs of some of the fun from the weekend and edit it to show others the kind of things stevo's groin endured. as you all know already, I LOVE recording GIFs and make MANY in my sessions anyways. I have decided to put the movie here so anyone who reads my blog can enjoy it! And don't forget to subscribe to my youtube channel (Mix Trix) while you're at it! Keep in mind that what you see is NOT all stevo experienced this weekend. he was hit or slapped or burned or prodded in the nuts OVER and OVER for DAYS, so this video doesnt show the half of it! enjoyyyyy...

Hope you enjoyed it! All of it filmed by, composed and edited by ME, Mixtrix!

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