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Clitty Compare

Y'know, there's nothing FinDommes love more than a dumb and fun little game to play with the boys. And I am no exception, I enjoy a FinDom game as much as anyone else. Lately i have been in an SPH kind of mood (lately? always! lol) so because of that and in honor of my upcoming Dicksgraceful event, I wanted to make a fun game I could play with random boys on Twitter. and like any really good FinDom game it had to have a dumb and memorable name. therefore, Clitty Compare was born!

If you pay any attention at all to the world of Mixtrix then you know I have a particular boy with a super small dick. It is not just a small dick, it is like THE freakshow mini-cock to end all mini-cocks and is attached to my Frankensissy that I made so that I could have a slutbuddy to hang out with. Cept she does ALL the slutting for both of us, lol.

Anyways, the basic premise of the game is this. Because my chosen sph slave has SUCH a small cock, i am using it as the basis for the competition. A sub competing in clitty compare will for now be playing against my bitch unless a smaller dick is discovered in this first round. The contest consists of me, Mixtrix, judging who of two subs has a smaller dick. since I actually dont think many will have a smalller dick than my bitchboy this also helps me prove this to this bitch itself, that its dick is at THE bottom of the pile and can only be useful to me in ways such as this. So this gives my bitch a way to be useful to me. AND it lets me use boys to prove it.

A boy who wants to enter simply gets in touch with me while the contest is active. they will know the contest is active because I will post about it on twitter. My twitter is @MixtrixFix and will be held during the day several times a week for the next few months as well as other sph games and contests.

If the contest is currently on and has been announced on twitter, then any sub who wants to play sends a ten dollar entry fee. Then he can either compare via skype or pic. if he chooses skype then a group call between him and myself and my sub will take place so I can see , take pics, and judge. Boys also have the choice to enter via pic but if they choose to do so the pic must contain two other elements besides their lil dick. the pic must have a piece of paper showing in it that says the days's date and must also have a recognizeable household item to show for size gauging next to their dicklet. This helps show how big it really is and makes sure the pic is current.

This is basically like the world's smallest sph session for only ten bucks! lol AND I will be taking pics or using the submitted pics and posting them on twitter to show who won what and if anyone beats my current champ. think YOU have what it takes?

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