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Public Humiliation Session

As many of you might already know or have figured out by now, I am super into humiliation. I enjoy a very wide range of FemDom fetishes but those involving various forms of humiliation resonate highly with Me. I love small penis humiliation, verbal humiliation, whatever types you name it. But PUBLIC HUMILIATION holds a very special place in My heart. I enjoy doing it quite a bit but it really is hard to find compatible subs who have a strong interest in being humiliated publically in various ways. Even though many have an interest in it, the majority only like it in limited amounts or chicken out altogther.

So you can imagine the excitement for Me when the opportunity for a public humiliation session with a sub with whom I had a decent rapport presented itself.

Now as you probably already know, public humiliation can be something you have to approach with some respect. If I am in a public environment I will generally make sure that the only people in the vicinity are of legal age and avoid play or situations that are overtly sexual. These are not peple consenting to play in a kink environment, so even though humiliation CAN happen around them, it needs to have some level of restraint. So although I knew I wanted part of the session to occur while mixing within the general public, I knew I also wanted someof it to take on a deeper level of kink and needed a fetish crowd to mingle with while enjoying my session. ANY opportunity I get to play in a group of people who have convened for kink/fetish/BDSM play purposes, I go for it! THOSE people are generally okay to have public play that DOES have sexual nature involved or nudity or other graphic things. i try and separate out the two crowds and adjust play accordingly.

I am going to attempt to retell some of what happened during a session recently, but this session went on for HOURS so I will likely tell it out of order or leave a lot out.

First I had the slave-who I will refer to as "tiny" for this blog, meet Me at a fast food restaurant near My house. I had him get out of the car and kiss my boots in the parking lot in front of people who were only feet away. Then we went to a local clothing store where I had him try on some ladies clothes. Now mind you, I cannot remember everything I said or did, but almost any time we were in groups of people I would say loud things to embarass him and draw their attention. I also had him kiss my feet on his hands and knees in many different places. I gave him a wedgie in every aisle of a grocery store, so easily 20 in that store alone, and HAD to be more than 50+ wedgies altogther over the course of the session. And don't forget both in and out of the store I was saying many many things to have attention called to him negatively. I had him get on his knees and hold up magazines for me to read in the magazine aisle at the grocery store. We went to Mcdonalds and I embarssed him more inside and had him kiss my feet in the parking lot after he bought Me a coffee inside.

I had him take me to an ATM and remove moeny from it with his teeth and give it to me on his hands and knees while begging LOUDLY for Me to please accept this loser's cash, lol. And he kissed my feet as well there. I had him sing Christmas Carols while I kicked him in the ass as we walked through my neighborhood and for SURE people heard and saw. He also got on his hands and knees and kissed a sewer manhole cover. Now mind you, I cannot remeber all I did or said, you would have to ask him that.

Then I had him come back to My home-lucky prick. BUt see what being a decent submissive will ge you, boys? lol Once in my home I took a strap to his ass then took him into the chat room on findoms so that I could humiliate him on cam in a femdom setting. I showed everyone his small dick and mocked it and spit a loogy on his forehead for all to see. I made him act like a total jackass on cam in many ways that I cannot even recall to be honest. I know I gave him wedgie after wedgie on cam as well actually.

Then the funniest thing happened. My slave stevo joined us by My invitation. I decided to have the two of them entertain the ladies in chat by having a "Dance-Off" (see GIF at top of story for danceoff hilarity lol). It was so fucking funny i nearly pissed My pants. it might have been one of the funniest things I have ever seen.

It was a really fun session for Me and had to be a once in a lifetime experience for him as well. cant wait to do it again...

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