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2016? fuck yeah!!!

Well well well, it's 2016 guys. we are alive in the fucking future, huh. I am excited for this upcoming year- I have a good feeling about it. why? not sure, just seems cool stuff might happen to me, and it normally does, lol.

I will be going to England this spring, I will be doing more and better episodes of the Online Domme Online Show. I will be doing bigger and better play sessions and demos. Mix's Mini-Dungeon is alive and well and growing little by little (SPREADER BAR NEEDED LOL). I have a new puppy, and that has been a lot of fun and good times for me so far. You will see more of Mixtrix than you ever believed possible, and NO I dont mean I am doing nudie pix now (CFNM lover here, duh). I mean I will be popping up in unexpected places I am sure (isnt THAT a scary thought lol- I could be under your bed RIGHT NOW). I just have a good feeling about it. I think your year might be good too. why? well, you're here on my official site aren't you? you know what you need to do so get to it! Bow Down and Serve


HAPPY 2016 Fellow Dommes and alll you slaves/boys/subs/bitches. see you everywhere, soon!

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