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MIXTRIX Superiority

I see Female Supremacy as the belief in a hierarchy where women have the ruing positions and upper hand. I see Female Superiority as the belief that females should be held as the superior sex in most cases and therefore respected as such, but does not denote the "ruling" order that I view Female Supremacy as espousing.

As far as My own personal beliefs I fall more into the Female Superiority mindset, in the sense that I believe women should be upheld and respected and adored in general. That being said, i mainly see it as an individualist thing. I believe actual true Superiority to be on a case by case basis.

Yes, I think women in general should hold a place of respect and adoration in society, period. BUT I believe true superiority is on a case by case basis outside of sex/gender.

I do not think someone is a Superior creature simply because they have a vag. Nor do I think anyone is a waste of space or lesser than a vag-haver just because they happen to be a penis-haver. I know men I believe to be superior over other individuals both male and female, same as I know women I believe to be superior over other individuals, both male and female, etc. It is the persons actions, attitude, mindset, effort, abilities and a whole other host of qualities I consider positive that entitle a human to be a little more elevated than others to me, but genitals aint one of them.

I see it kind of like a Family Tree almost, there are levels and it is all variable. But because the world I live in revolves around Me (as do the worlds of all people around themselves by default really), I know I am the star of My World as I live in it and see it. So I am at the very top of this tree. I live in My own little world and I am at the top of the pecking order in it. Period. Alll else gently falls into place around and beneath Me in My World. Every person has their place and it is completely on a case by case basis and is evolving for better or worse always. Regardless of where any fall on this tree/scale I respect them all as humans and living beings, just might or might not find them exemplary specimens of such.

Me being top of the food chain and all in My own little world, I guess you could say I actually believe in Mix Superiority. Where everyone else places in that depends mostly on how they fit into My World, since it is the only world I can possibly know and the arena in which I pretty much HAVE to view people as I can only truly know them as thy appear to Me, just as you can only truly know them as they have appeared to you.<3

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