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Don't Do It! Reasons Not To Be A "TragiDomme"

Using personal issues/situations/tragedies to try and get money from subs almost NEVER works. they do not have an infinite amount of money to give and are generally looking to receive domination, not GIVE to charity.

A Domme might say to herself, "bah, I already know this, but it can't hurt to try can it?" YES. YES it actually can. Findom itself is actually a pretty small community as this is a niche fetish. People come and go in it but the core people remain in it for years, Domme and sub alike and are "known." As Dommes know, a lot of findom is based on your persona, what you let people see about you online etc. And financial subs watch all the Findoms very closely, and have a LONG memory for antics they do not like.

When financial subs see a Domme doing things that are NOT dominant, they REMEMBER it, and think "this woman is NOT actually Dominant." Now that might not be fair, but its the reality of the situation. It might not seem fair, but all it sometimes takes is ONE instance of a Domme being perceived as a beggar or doing other things that seem subbish such as sucking dicks on her twitter/letting men use her for sexual pleasure, and the finsubs might forever perceive her as "weak" or "fake" or "submissive" etc.

Does one pic or comment make one a bad Domme? OF COURSE NOT! Like I said, this might not be fair at all. BUT we are talking about online domination and findom. These boys dont know us for the people we truly are, they can only perceive us as we have shown ourselves. And if we show them we are the type of women who need help with rent so badly that we will hit up strangers for it, the males looking for superior women will not see that as someone in a position of strength.

And no, just cuz She asked once does NOT mean She is necessaily weak or fake etc, but like I said, they see us as we show ourselves, it is all they can do, especially online. If you want boys to respect you as a worthy Dominant then give them REASONS to do so. If you want money to use towards rent, thats fine of course. But maybe the thing to do is find a DIFFERENT way to get it besides letting it be known youre in a weak/bad spot and having to ask.

In the long run a Domme will find it empowering NOT to ask for these things. The boys will recognize and reward it!

(This blog is taken from comments I made when responding to another blog on, but was bog length in itself so was modified and posted here 4u2NJOY . -Mix)

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