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Some Thoughts on the Subject of Domme Nudity

You prolly already know I am way into CFNM if you're already here reading this and that I do not do nude pics or sessions etc. But still I get asked my opinion on the subject here and there, so I thought I would share some thoughts on the subject of Domme nudity on places like twitter etc.

Nude pics can be a double edged sword. On the one hand, as a Dominant woman you do the things that please YOU, and if showing off your beautiful body makes you feel good then more power to you. However, for most NEW Dommes showing lots of nudity often backfires. If a Domme is new to the scene, then she likely does not have much content yet for subs to gauge her Domming style. If all they see is nudity then many view it as a woman who does not know HOW to dominate and control men yet, so she thinks she has to use overt sexual cues to engage him. Nudity is often the way a vanilla woman gets in the minds of men because she has not been empowered to think beyond it. So the boys view her sometimes as someone not experienced enough in Domination to know that powerful women do not have to relate to sub men in that way necessarily and that she is still in a vanilla mindset of relating to men like that. Many many subs will see it as a woman degrading herself in an attempt to please men into tributing her, which is of course the complete opposite of dominating men but rather giving in to THEIR wishes. Also think about it, we use nudity as part of the way we humble and use men. We use nudity to degrade men by having them appear to us as bare animalistic creatures with no defenses. They KNOW this. so many will see Domme nudity as ass backwards. The subs might view it as a Domme degrading herself. Now obviously this is about the DOMME's wishes, not the sub's, but ultimately this is about knowing the minds of men and trying to milk them and use them. It IS why we are all here. so no, this is not about appearing "right" to subs. But is IS about knowing their minds, the submissive male mind etc. HOWEVER, as Dommes we know that men are easily controlled by using their own sexual appetites against them. But DO remember, showing EVERYTHING is the opposite of teasing now isnt it? Would you show a roomful of strangers your nude body? if the answer is no, then maybe posting nude pics is NOT for you. But teasing men with our bodies and using mens' hardons against them IS kind of what many of us enjoy doing. So maybe the answer is to be PICKY about who you show. just like in real life. They gotta earn it. I know many many boys who as far as the question of nudity feel like this: they're lowly subs. They do not DESERVE to get to see a Queen nude. if the boys feel this way about us, how can we not see that as well? That maybe they just don't fucking deserve it. They deserve to be TEASED by our loveliness, not indulged in their own base sexual whims. So I guess as far as Domme nudity here is how I see it. It can be a powerful tool, use it wisely and sparingly. It is YOURS, not THEIRS. So if you show it, make sure you're not doing it cuz its the only way you know HOW to relate to men, Cause then you might be needing to understand better ways to dominate. And if you're a NEW and unestablished Domme it might bite you in the ass to be viewed as someone who "degrades" themselves for a few bucks. The boys don't know you well enough yet to see the rest of you and appreciate it. make them WORK to see your beautiful body! And if you DO like showing your nude body, then remember its beautful and make sure youre doing it in a way that empowers you and you can still respect and love yourself, because in the long run that is what is most important, NOT what anyone else says!

(this blog is actually my thoughts on the subject as was broached in a blog on My comment on the subject was so long that it was blog length in itself and so I wanted to share it here as well. enjoy)

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