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Shame Suites

As you might have figured out by now, I make a LOT of humiliation "art." I really enjoy doing so and find it to be a creative outlet of sorts. it is of course common for Online Dommes to keep a Wall of Shame area on their sites to show off pics of subs as well as some of their humiliation pics.


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And of course here on My own site, i have the "dix pix" gallery page to showcase some of the pics of all the dipshit fetish freaks who beg Me to show their depravity to the world on some level. BUT sometimes I just have TOO damn much content on one sub to simply put them on a Wall of Shame. A Wall of Shame simply isn't really enough room for some of the fuckwads I deal with. In these special cases I need more like a whole ROOM or HOUSE of shame.


click the pic to visit the site


Because of this, the concept of Mixtrix's "Shame Suites" was born! These are individual small sites just to show off the pics and lameness associated with particular bitches of mine who have EARNED the privilege. Think of it kind of like this. I am Proctor and Gamble. The bitch is Crest. a product of Mine. just like a corporation runs sites to show its range of products, so do I, lol.

The 2 I currenly have up revolve around my bitches schichi and butterballgurl. And of course I did ALL the work on them Myself, just like everything on THIS site. I like to create and I like to show what I have made. If you would like to see what i have made of some of My submissive bitches, simply click the pics in this blog. I am always updating My sites and social media, so check back now and then for updates!

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