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LIVE GROUP SPH??? YESSSSSS....and sessions too!

This is probably NOt news to those of you who follow Me on twitter (unless you mute Me and to those of you who do not a big THANK YOU lol), but I am planning to go back to London at the end of April. This is all a part of My attempts to take over the world thru MixDom and FemDom as well as working towards being and international working Domme. Now I really loved London when I went before and also the people of the Uk in general. Not only is their idea of what is humorous a refreshing change of pace for Me, but also their views on BDSM and sex work in general. America of course has its roots in puritanical thinking and I live in the part of the USA known as the "Bible Belt." This of course means that the people in this area are very scared of going to hell and have a mindset of being worried what Jesus would think. Now personally I have NO problems with Jesus. He and I have a nice agreement, we say the fuck out of one another's way and it is a wonderful way for Gods to mutually respect one another.



I have found that over in UK the views on Domination as a profession (as well as any other form of sex work really that doesnt involve being forced into it) are much less strict and it is more widely accepted. Hell, even in the fetish community ther is less of a backlash against working Dominants as there is here is the local scene. I have found that many of those who are into BDSM here in my area might be open minded about their sexuality yet still do not look favorably on earning a living in BDSM or ESPECIALLY having the kink of financial domination. They attribute all kinds of evils to this. I have noticed in UK though, that its not quite the same mentality. It is more accepted not only in the BDSM scene at large but also in the vanilla culture as well. Just not as big of a deal.

Anyways, last time I was there I noticed how wonderful the BDSM environment is and how many wonderful skilled Mistresses there are working in London. However I didnt see any events or club nights etc that centered specifially around humiliation or the various types of humiliation play. As anyone who is into online domination has probably noticed, humiliation is a VERY popular fetish as far as online play. and small penish humiliation-a personal fave-ranks high in the sub request list for sessions with Dommes.

So I thought, hey wouldnt a LIVE sph event-a line-up style event where the smallest penises could be ridculed by multiple women at once (and really what SPH lover doesnt DREAM of that particular scenario to some degree) and JUDGED for their size and lack of impressiveness just be fun as fuck???

well the answer is of course, YES. So Clube Subversion was kind enough to allow it to be part of their april club night. The entry in the smallest penis contest is FREE with admission to the club that night and YES there will be prizes including an SPH session on skype with Me as well as a foot worship session with Mistress Wildfire, a fabulous UK Mistress with whIm I have had the honor of working previously. She and I will be judges for this contest along with Mistress absolute Herself!!!! Yes the world renowned Dominatrix Mistress Absolute will help judge this smallest penis contest to help determine the winner (in the case winner and loser are kind of the same thing are they not? lol). And dont worry boys, even if youre not freakishly small dicked you an enter. the more the merrier and just because youre not a sideshow sized mini cocklet bearer doesnt mean I have nothing to say to YOU. There is something else called cock shaming, where I would be happy to let you know how lame your dick seems anyways! lol

So I hope to see you there at Club Subversion on April 29th, 2016! You can find more info on their website under upcoming events: as well as updates on My twitter etc.

ANNNNNND in case you didnt know I will be offering in person BDSM sessions (deposits req'd) from April 27th thru May 1st while in London. also cash point meets for you finsubs out there! There will also be opportunities for Double Domme sessions with Mistress Wildfire or Master Silk (finest male Dom I know and he is staff at subversion!) and I will have service sub sissy Lexie available for sessions as well! You can find more info on the page on My site dedicated to it!

SPECIAL EVENTS: Organised and run by Visiting USA Domme: Mixtrix – The Small Penis Humiliation Competition – just turn up to enter – 23:30 in the medical room – Prizes: A free subversion+1 ticket for the next event; An at club foot worship session” with Wildfire; An 30 min SPH skype session by Mixtrix; a penis pump and a tiny ruler. Judged by Mixtrix, Absolute and Wildfire. Sponsored by Subversion and Sissy Nation.

Club Subversion

Friday 29th April

10pm – 5am


122 Whitehorse Lane,


SE25 6XB

See you there, tiny dicked bitches and humiliation lovers!

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