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Living in a town that is not really an international hub or BDSM port of call so to speak, online domination is a great way to get to meet a larger group of suitable bitchboys. Because I am also involved in the Lifestyle of Financial Domination, a LOT of the online sessions I engage in tend to revolve around humiliation (as many of you already know, this is a HUGE crossfetish shared by many finsubs and online submissives in general). Because I am a Humiliatrix (humiliation in MANY forms IS one of my fave things in the world) and have so many online sessions, I have over time collected massive amounts of pic material. When I post this stuff it is always consensual of course, but many of the boys I play with are NEVER shown by Me to others, as privacy is paramount and a limit.

And as much "humiliation art" as I crank out (it is a creative outlet for Me tbh), there are many pics I am sent or have taken that I NEVER use for some reason or another. add to this all the goofy mail I am sent from fans or boys I own/play with/know, and I have just TONS of random subpix and whatnot.

Because of this, i thought it might be fun to have a small spotlight on all the random fellas I have played or talked to over the years, or even some pics I have taken that never see the light of day for this or that reason (obviously I have consent to use these or would not- just because I post pics of shameful dicks doesn't mean I ain't got no class lolol).

The idea behind it was sort of like the old "word of the day" calendars that help up one's vocabulary skills and feature a new word daily. well this id simply a new pic daily, but will NOT up your skills in any way. if anything, might actually make one dumber, lol.

The point of it really is NOT so much to showcase the boys or "jerks" in question as it is to show a little more of a glimpse into My World. to show some snaps from various sessions or things I have done or received, or notes that have been sent to Me. It is to show MORE of my day to day life as a Humiliatrix, Femdomme, and online player. Enjoy the deeper look into my pics!

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