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Fetish Fix Podcast!

Episode one of the Fetish Fix Podcast is now available FREE online! You might be saying to yourself right now: "wait a sec, Mix, wtf podcast? since when? what about the skype show?"

I am STILL going to be filming NEW episodes of the Online Domme Online Show. If you have ever watched the show ( if not, the latest episode is available for FREE right here on then you know I interview and chit chat with other online Dommes and personalities while we have fun at the same time by playing with a slave. Since the Online Domme Online Show is really based around meeting the PEOPLE of online domination, I thought it might be fun to make some other kind of show that was more "topic" based.

Thus, the Fetish Fix Podcast came to be! I also wanted to have a co-host on this one and thought, why not ole stevo, my slave? He certainly has a face for radio! lol. I wanted to have him there to help delve into the sub and slave mindset as well as just see how a man thinks on these topics. or since I could not find a man, stevo! lol.

Since stevo is going to be a fixture on the podcast I thought it might also be fun to let the listeners in on some of our day to day life as Owner and slave-bitch. It is a dynamic many people often ask Me about anyways, and have shown curiosity about certain aspects of our views, life and lifestyle. You can rest assured that it will be touched on pretty much every episode in some form or another.

Episode One of fetish Fix deals with Humiliation fetish, as well as the popularity of online humiliation. We discuss the psychology behind the fetish and give some of our own first hand experience as well.

WARNING: LOW RECORDING LEVEL. You WILL have to turn it up to hear. Sorry about that. It is a work in progress and a production that is new to Me. Future episodes of the podcast will have improved audio. I tend to just start making it then learn as I go. Better sound will be had in the future!

This episode is available on soundcloud: and soon on as well! Enjoy and thank you for listening!

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