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As those of you reading this probably already know, I always have all kinds of fun little projects and campaigns going on that I enjoy and are based around FemDom and Domination. You are likely already familiar with things like:

Sissy Fortune Telling (an actual fortune telling deck I devised and designed JUST to task sissies and guide them)

Skype feedback and advice for Dommes (one on one advice, feedback and insight)

Jerk of the Day (updated daily on this very site and featuring pics from my sessions and scenes/play)

Walls of Shame and Shame Suites (there is ALWAYS new stuff going up)

Making GIFs and humiliation pics (twitter @MixtrixFix is ground zero for viewing them)

Live streaming of Myself humiliating and playing with slaves (several times a week on various platforms)

Group worship on Saturday nights (everyone who knows Me knows groups of men submitting to Me is one of my BIGGEST kinks and turn-ons)

Clitty Compare (a 1 on 1 small penis contest versus My current sph bitch butterballgurl)

Domming Idols pic contests (with legendary Findom and ProDomme Goddess BellaDonna)

LISE (live in slave experience)

Online Domme Online Show (filming new episodes soon) chat room (whether I am verifying Dommes and moderating chat, streaming cam or just hanging out, I am there daily)

This is all stuff you might already be familiar with, and obviously there is ALWAYS more stuff in the works for the future. But how about the NEAR future? I have a special project coming up with Goddess BellaDonna (more to come on that as I have more to show). Also My birthday is this month, September 25th. So of course you can be thinking how you are going to deal with THAT impending holiday, lol. DomCon New Orleans is on the horizon and I plan to go this year, the first one in that location. I am editing videos and pics as always of course, but will be making new types of content with different subject matter. Always FemDom and BDSM centered material though! What the fuck else would I be making? lol Oh, and let's not forget next month is Cocktober. I am thinking about bringing that know how much I love to objectify and stupidify dicks and the penises attached to them! So a Cocktober revamp might be due. And let's not forget, it is that PUMPKIN SPICE time of year, so you KNOW there will be JOI and tasking involving a bunch of people's fave flavor. Until then, here is a lil pic I made for something coming soon:

you love it.

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