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DomCon Approacheth...

As many of you know, 2016 is the first year that DomCon is being held in New Orleans. Despite it being not quite as close as ATL, there is no way I was going to miss it since I did not get to attend the spring DomCon in Los Angeles (fell a little too close to when I was going to be in London and was not going to be practical for Me to attend).

I am attending as one of the "Special Guests" which is especially exciting after realizing all the others being billed as such. I have Dommes write Me at times to say they are excited to meet ME, but let Me say, there re a LOT of Dommes I'M excited to meet my damm self, lol.

I am going to be presenting a workshop entitled:

This workshop is mostly aimed at those NEW to humiliating while topping. MANY Doms and Tops wish to include more humiliation in their play but just can't wrap their mind around the idea of doing that to someone. This presentation is to help get past that mindset as well as some basic humiliation techniques to use during play. Even though it is aimed at beginners there will be discussion built in to the classtime, so anyone who likes humiliation is welcome to attend and throw in some of their own experience and helpful ideas during the time set aside for discussion.

I will have My slave stevo acting as the demo bottom/sub during this workshop and will be using him to show some examples (and for comic relief).

The workshop will be on Saturday, November 19th from 2:30 -3:30 P.M. in "CLASSROOM TOULOUSE A" in the areas earmarked for presentations during DomCon.

While in New Orleans I will also have some time for meets and sessions with select submissives wishing to serve Me. Obviously if you ask to schedule time with Me while there I WILL want a deposit paid online ahead of time.

Hope to see many of you there and meet lots more!

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