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So How Did DomCon Go?

I will go ahead and put the TL;DR version here: pretty damn good, lol. Scroll down and keep reading...

Now that THAT is out of the way, here is a little more about it all. As you all probably already know, DomCon is a twice yearly convention aimed at the BDSM and Leather Communities. There are of course other events and conventions for those groups, but many of the bigger fetish and kink fests are more aimed at the porn or video/cam/clip filming communities. I think those other conventions would be fun to attend as well but I am not overly involved in the clip or fetish modeling/filming/cam scenes. I AM however super involved in the Domination scene and since THAT is the focal point at DomCon it has appealed to Me much more. I have only been twice so far, once in 2015 in Atlanta and now New Orleans one as well. This is the 1st year for NOLA as they normally have held the Autumn one in ATL. at first I was bummed they moved cities because ATL is in driving distance for Me and a lil easier to attend in some respects. But after attending this one, it is WAY better held in NOLA tan ATL. Better place for it overall I think. The Autumn DomCon is not as popular or well-attended as the one held in spring. The spring DomCon is always in Los Angeles and gets a HUGE turnout. I plan to attend the LA one in 2017 and am looking VERY forward to it.

Now one of the reasons I find DomCon so kickass is because they are VERY ProDomme and working Domme friendly. this might not seem like any big deal to those reading this, but let Me say if you have ever dealt with the greater BDSM community at large then you KNOW they do not always treat ProDommes kindly or look at them as valued members of the scene. As you can imagine, they like FinDommes even less, so it can be hard to find BDSM events that are as accepting of those who work in the Domination or fetish fields. DomCon however, is a place where the talents and skills to be a ProDomme are APPRECIATED and respected. This is a BIG DEAL, to feel included. They even have "Industry Only" Seminars for the working Dommes. These events are to help broaden skills and share knowledge between those who work in this field and are held before the general convention opens to the public. This is an invaluable thing, to get to learn some of this stuff from some SERIOUSLY good Dommes.

As you might know, I not only enjoy attending these types of workshops, but presenting them as well. This year I was not present for the "Industry-Only" classes, as they are held a day BEFORE the convention actually begins. However, the workshops all the other days are fantastic too. I was able to attend one taught by Miss Ella Strictland (Strict Ella) covering basics of using electro sounds. I did not know ANYTHING about electrosounds and now at least have a novice foundation of sorts. Miss Ella is a very well-known and skilled Domina and I feel lucky to have taken a class taught by her.

Examples of the types of classes/workshops at DomCon (esp. MINE lol). ~continue reading after pic~

My own class was about Humiliation. I have noticed that as comfortable as I am with dealing it out, I meet Dommes daily who do NOT find it as easy for them. They draw blanks and cannot do it, or sometimes just feel WEIRD or WRONG saying certain things, even though they KNOW their bottom/sub is 100% up for it and consenting to it. The workshop was aimed at helping people get in the mindspace to humiliate and various ways to think about it. I was pleasantly surprised what a great turnout I had! Like every seat in the room was taken! I was told by some of those who attended that it was one of the MOST looked-forward to workshops for them and had a good buzz. Not to mention was the ONLY class on the subject. that prolly helped a little, lol! I had such a positive response from those who attended, it made my YEAR. Truly I hope it was beneficial to any who attended! oh and as you probably guessed, My demo slave for the presentation was stevo. THAT was fun.

Oh, did I also mention I was invited as a "Special Guest?" Well I was. And that was a very cool thing. I am proud to have been on the list along with the other fine Dommes that were invited as guests of the convention. There were a couple who ended up not being able to make it, and that was a bummer because I had wanted to meet them. I LOVE networking and meeting other Dommes. It is hard to find people in this world who understand My Lifestyle and choice of work, but THEY do. Not to mention it is cool to see the others who work so hard in the same things I do and are so creative and skilled.

You might or might not realize this, but Dommes are often "fans" or admirers of OTHER Dommes. Just like there are Dommes who at times approach Me and say they look up to Me or have been inspired by Me (and YES this happens more than you would think prolly), there are Dommes I am a fan of as well! Think of it like musicians. No matter how skilled or popular a musician is, they are likely a lover of music FIRST. They likely have other artists who they enjoy listening to or whose music inspired their own. Or actors who enjoy seeing others in their field and are fans of their peers. well it is sort of the same for Dommes at times. I am a fan of DOMINATION and FEMDOM in general, so to meet other Ladies who are so damm good at this shit is an absolute pleasure. Not to mention it is hard to find people in this world who GET what I do and how I live so I like to meet as many as possible.

I had a KICKASS session with a local bitchboy right after I gave my workshop. This particular boy is a HUGE fan of the Online Domme Online Show and that is one of the reasons he got time with Me (in addition to other efforts and generosities).

There were of course play parties nightly, right there at the hotel (Astor Crown Plaza). I took stevo as My slaveboy on a leash and treated him like a BITCH in front of everyone, but that's no surprise now is it? There are no pics of course since they're not usually allowed at things like that for privacy's sake. He of course worshipped My Feet, was used as a footstool, was slapped and spit on and so on.

There was a lot of lame tourist food available in New Orleans as I am sure you know, but there is also some FANTASTIC eats there too. the hotel restaurant was actually GREAT and had just recently been redesigned and reconceptualized. It is called The Bourbon House and is worth checking out for dinner. For breakfast I enjoyed both the Ruby Slipper and Jimmy J's. FAVORITE restaurant I went to there was Domenica. Fried Kale is WAY better than i thought it would be...

Overall, lots of play, food, networking and learning. Like I said, pretty damm good, lol

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