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Thoughts on Bankruptcy & Extreme Fetish

I think most "extreme" kinks are not something many boys want to actually do. they want to FEEL like it is happening to them, not have it actually happen to them. Equate this to a very common female fantasy of being raped. Rape/being overpowered and taken sexually is a HUGE kink for many women, but those same women will mostly say "hey I do not ACTUALLY want to be raped and in NO WAY would that be hot or enjoyable if it happened to me." Well this is common for MANY kinks. The savvy Domme will know HOW to capitalize on and manage this want for kink that her boy might have.

I mean LOOK, many of theses guys would find it more hot to hear about what you WOULD do to them to make them go bankrupt than to actually have it happen. Contracts are PERFECT for this kind of thing. Ever wonder why so many guys sign contracts and then DON'T follow through? the contract signing was like a session in itself. That feeling of signing over forever (be it chastity or permanent bondage of some sort or scheduled payments leading to bankruptcy and so on) IS what is hot, not the actual carrying it out. Some boys would be just as pleased to hear what you're GOING to do to them IF and then not go thru with it. THAT is what to monetize then.

The smart Domme CARES about what actually happens to her boys yet wants to be able to play with them in a space that she knws could be too extreme. She will figure out ways to do it or partially do it or schedule to lead up to doing it, howveer works best in each scenario. The MIND is where this is happening. It is the loss of CONTROL many of these extremist seek, not the loss of their whole life via ACTUAL bankruptcy. so be clever and find ways to play in extremes without going to extremes.

NOTE: this is ALL generalizations. this will NOT apply to every single sub who likes bankruptcy play-some might REALLY want it! I am just only speaking from my own observations and feelings on fetish and cannot speak for how anyone else does stuff!

~note: this is a response to a question asked on fetlife if bankruptcy fetish is something the boys TRULY want. As often happens with Me, some of my best thought comes as a reply. I decided to post it here after positive feedback.

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