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Fetish Award Nominations!

2017 marks the 2nd annual Fetish Awards. These awards are part of the FetishCon aka Fetcon convention held in St Petersburg, Florida every year as many of you already know. There are of course multiple categories for consideration. I am in hopes to be nominated which I am sure comes as no surprise to many of you as you prolly all noticed long ago I am a total exhibitionist when it comes to all My FemDom fun, lol. So obviously I would very much appreciate a nomination bid from any of you who could take a moment to do so. There are multiple categories in which I would appreciate a nomination. The first is an obvious one: Best female. It is kind of the obvious one you would THINK to write Me in as I am a female and most of the other categories do not apply. BUt there is one more category I might be eligible for which is "Best Newcomer." Now those of you who know Me KNOW I am not exactly new, BUT in this case it applies because it is referring to new to making video content. I did not start making any clips or anything like that until 2017, so in that sense I AM a newcomer, so I would appreciate nominations in BOTH categories if you don't mind. Please use this link to nominate Me: OR if for some reason you cannot access that link simply go to and work your way to the nominations page through the links provided or through "winners." Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and thank you even more if you actually take the time to nominate Me! I appreciate the effort and support of all My fellow Dommes and all you boys as well! NOTE: sometimes the fetish award site gets too much traffic and seems to be "down." Please don't let this discourage you from visiting the site and nominating Me. Simply go back and try again in a few minutes/later. Thank you and MUCH LOVE <333

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