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My faves so far...

So as you all know I have started filming clips! You're welcome, world! I wanted to take a moment to talk about some of My faves so far. And let Me just say, some of these clips are pretty motherfucking good if I do say so Myself (and I DO lol).

Now obviously I have clip stores on both Clips4Sale and iwantclips and I have found that I like them BOTH, but for different reasons. Seems like somewhat different crowds utilize the sites.


So wanna know WHICH of My clips have been My faves to make so far? Or which might be My "BEST?" (tho they're all good, cocksucker! don't ya know?). Well here are probably My TOP 3 faves so far:

1) TRUTH from the Queen of Verbal Humiliation!

I LOVE this one. some of you might not realize exactly how good I am TALKING to slaves. This can mean dirty talk of course but also means verbal humiliation. In this clip you get to hear Me talk about what a piece of shit jerker I find you to be lol. now the great thing about this is how NATURAL it all sounds coming from Me. people might not understand how little EFFORT it takes for Me to talk to men in this manner. I NEVER have to force or fake it and it is one of the reasons My slaves love Me: the REALNESS

2) Sell your Soul to ME: The Contract

A nice mindfuck. I have figured out a way to "buy" your soul yet you still pay ME lol. There is also a contract attached as well. And guess what one of the things I might do with your soul is? Why, barter My way out of hell of course! (or at least get Myself a nice corner office lol)

3) SPH Facts Class

Officially THE hardest clip to film I have made. of all the INSANE logistics (because let's get real I always work on a zero budget with MINIMAL equipment [guerrilla femdom lol]) I have dealt with so far in filming this was THE MOST DIFFICULT filming yet! It took so so so many hours start to finish. Now its not a "seductive" clip, not at all. this is HARSH in your face thoughts about how lame little dicks are and how no one wants em. Think of it as small penis abuse of the verbal variety. lol. Now the hardest part was NOT making all the fun lil pics and captions you see, tho those DID take hours. I was originally planning to scroll thru those on a tablet i was holding but the REFLECTION of the cam in the tablet caused so many issues was astounding lol. I had to eventually switch it and FILM on the tablet (normally do anyways, so no biggy) and use a laptop for the captions and pics. See, I just work with what i already have and figure out ways to do whatever I want (I am like that lol) and it always comes out AWESOME. I have a way of making awesomeness happen. Me Me Me Me Me. Now what were we taking about? Oh yeah, the clip. The clip itself turned out HILARIOUS and amazing and everything I wanted it to be. But be warned: this ain't to seduce your little cock and it sure as FUCK doesnt deserve it!

Check out any of those 3 and ALL My Fine Clippage in those links above (click the pix, numbskull lol).

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