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BBC Brain Train

Let Me tell you a little something about this clip. It is probably MY favorite clip ever. Well, let's say so far anyways, lol. I put so much time and creative effort into this video and I TRULY believe it will have an effect on the brain of those watching it. I have re-watched it many times (NOT something I normally do with My clips once they have been edited and published/posted) and find Myself unable to breakaway from watching once it hits the 2-3 minute mark. It is absolutely addictive. I know that any potential cocksucker who watches this is going to be affected by the words, visuals, and music specially selected for this (I even put many hours into selecting the music to give the right mood as well what I call a droning effect that keeps the viewer "drawn into" the action. As the beats drone and draw the crossfaded scenes keep the mind engaged while the words program you with intent. This is a really really amazing clip and anyone who wants to train to be a cumguzzler should be watching this one.

Find it in my clips4sale and iwantclips stores!

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