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Do YOU Need a Findom Mentor?

Some thoughts on FinDom mentorship:

First thing's first: NO, I do not mentor or offer to mentor Findommes. Now do I sometimes give out advice to Dommes I know or in places (forums, blogs etc) where Findommes can access it and hopefully take something away from it.

Do I believe that a findomme should take advantage of all the insights available online in order to LEARN more and EXPAND her knowledge base about femdom and findom? OF COURSE! Findom is an ART, a craft that must be honed, respected, tended to.

But do I believe you need a MENTOR???


Exxperience in findom is EVERYTHING. I am not talking about things like "how to use kik" and so on (tho tbh that can just be googled of course. I am talking about the dynamic between Domme and sub. THIS is where the magic all happens. THAT is what you need experience in. It helps to already have the type of balls it takes to do findom face to face with men in your life. It helps to have that comfort level with men in a realtime setting. That experience is EVRYTHING. It also helps to start expanding your knowledge base of BDSM and the world of fetish.

Findom is a DOMINATION thing (duh). Successful findommmes understand power exchange and usually have interests in controlling men/subs outside of findom. NOTE: most subs will see it as a MAJOR red flag if a Domme's ONLY domination interest is findom.

Aspiring Findommmes: If you pay attention to only ONE PART of this blog then let it be this next paragraph because it will crystallize part of the essence of "Findom Success":

The reality of online findom is such that you MUST have enough natural hustle to kind of make it on your own without needing someone to hold your hand. The very things that make someone a good findom online are the same type of things that allow her to feel okay learning on her own and sort of jumping in. I am not saying you should never want advice or feedback. I'm saying most of the ladies who "make it" are not starting with needing it. They have ways of finding out on their own without having to have their hands held.

By all means take any advice you can find and process it and what it means to YOU. There is too much free info in blogs and social media etc to need an individual to break it all down for you. Hell, just taking a glance at many findommes' personal websites can give you so much food for thought (don't copy their stuff but do take note of their vibes and priorities and interactions etc). There are even classes you can take and that is great-go for it if you feel like it will help your game. But you do NOT need longterm mentorship or handholding. I truly believe this!

Being an OBSERVANT person pay off. USE IT. Being a HUSTLER pays off. Use it!

Best of luck to CAN do this!

One last tidbit of thought is in this pic. FINDOM broken down for you:

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