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Coming SOON! Many updates to this site! Yes, yes I know I already have THE BEST Walls of Shame ever and sooo many cute pics of Me in My MIxtrix Galleries, but there is always room for some updates. Those things will not be going away of course, but I have TONS of new pics I will be adding over the next weeks.

I am also going to have new pages added for contacting Me, notes/thoughts/"reviews" from the subs and fetish boys, new page for showcasing My clips and MORE.

I also plan to start blogging more regularly. Now these might not always be long meaningful deep blogs but sometimes there are things I just cannot say in one tweet! lol. So if it is longer than a tweet you might find it here (141+ characters blog...woooot lol).

Of course I will keep My Magic Wheel and Faproulette up and the always popular Jerk of the Day.

As always you can get in touch with Me on twitter, fetlife and as well as this site (duh).

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