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A Recent Sissy Fortune

As you might already know, I have painstakingly designed the ONE and ONLY Sissy Tarot Deck. Yes, this is an ACTUAL fortune-telling deck made expressly to help those sissies seeking another kind of guidance. I have always offered readings but now am including a "short form" style reading with The Ultimate Sissy Questionnaire. Many sissies have already taken advantage of receiving the bonus Sissy Fortune as it is an option to receive one when answering the Questionnaire.

I want to share a recent Sissy Fortune with you. These cards were drawn specifically for a sissy who answered the Ultimate sissy Questionnaire. The accompanying fortune immediately follows, exactly as they received it.

Your CARD is "Dance Like a SLUT"​ with Complement Cards "Sit like a lady," "Suck Like a Lady" and "A2M: ass to mouth." The obvious meaning of the Dance Like a Slut card is to practice BEING a slut. But the sissy mysteries are deeper and the hidden meaning of this card is to learn to let yourself go-to be FREE like a true slut and to learn to enjoy your inner slutty nature. Sluts do NOT worry about what society thinks and this is a lesson to be learned when becoming a sissy. Not all kinky life is easy though, so the lesson is to learn to be MORE slutlike, even if only when you are alone. Revealing yourself publicly as a sissy is not necessary for you at this time and the reality of the Dance card is to practice and BE, even just at home alone.

Suck like a Lady pairs well with the DANCE like a SLUT card as sucking is in itself a slut-like skill. this implies further focus on your true slut nature. However the Sit like a Lady card reminds us that to BE a Lady you must act like one, and sometimes this means NOT being slutty, but rather being a classier type of Lady. In other words, a "lady in the streets and a freak in the sheets" as the saying goes. The a2m card also pairs easily with Dance Like a Slut as it implies using your holes, which is after all, THE ultimate slut behavior. Ass training needs to become a regular part of your routine for happiness.

Focus on slutty behaviors such as ass-fucking and sucking on dildos or other dick shaped objects. But let yourself feel FREE like the slut you are inside. let your hair down and let your sissy side dance the night away like a slut.

Pretty cool, huh? I bet YOU want one now, lol. Well, simply go get a copy of My Ultimate Sissy Questionnaire! It is available in My iwantclips store, just click the IWC image below to go straight to it:

It is also available in My clips4sale studio or niteflirt. But if you REALLY want to see more MIXTRIX and all My fun, go follow Me on twitter: @MixtrixFix

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