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Blackmail? YESSSS

Is blackmail a "fantasy" or a reality? BOTH. It depends on who you are talking to and what their personal limitations are. How bad they need to feel the RUSH and RISK that comes with being at the mercy of a cruel and manipulative Domme.

The average blackmail bitch needs to feel that loss of control: the risky, sexy feeling that comes with living on the EDGE. Being so close to LOSING IT ALL is a total turn on. There is no feeling like it.

The REAL question then is how FAR are you willing to go?

Are you willing to give up enough information to make it FUN? To make it worth MY TIME to even know you? Think you can handle the reality of what might happen if I DO suddenly blackmail you?

Then fill out My application, The PROBE. Fill out as much or as little as you can STAND to try. It is NO GUARANTEE that I will actually blackmail you I might see what information you have given Me and choose to completely IGNORE you. Then again, I might blackmail you after all. ONly one way to find out...

get it now :

HERE on iwantclips


HERE on clips4sale

No matter what you can bet I will pay VERY close attention to whatever info you send Me. I know exactly what bitches I am looking for and WHO I want to be my next bitch. So be careful what you tell Me. it could come back to haunt you...

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