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2019 FUCKERS.. in and out

Well it is 2019 and I am still just getting more well known and better at what I do (using bitchboys for fun and laughs and moneys). I am still filming a fuckton of clips and more.

So what is on the way OUT for 2019:

YOUTUBE. Why? These fuckwads BANNED Me. lol. yeah, you heard it. They BANNED Me for showing all my consensual BDSM fun, educational content AND kickass interviews on the Online Domme ONline Show

JOTD: I no longer do Jerk of the Day. My focus has shifted a little. I still actually have tons of content to PUT there but would rather use it in other ways. If you REALLY want to be seen, then let's have a session OR You can be on my LOSER APOLOGY WALL or reject squad.

So what is IN for 2019?

CLIPS: oh so much fucking visual art and smut is coming your way, bitches. enjoy what is on the docket. I am on manyvids, iwantclips, clips4sale and Niteflirt. Cum get Sum

ODOS: I am looking for a new home for the ONline Domme ONline Show. my BIG regret is that I still have two unedited episode starring the amazing Amberly Rothfield and Amazonian Asha. they are AMAZING and didn't deserve to be left out after taking the time to film with Me. I owe them both. Watch for My show ton resurface somewhere...unexpected. that is all I will say for now.

SITES: I have some websites (non Mixtrix focused) that are being constructed even as I write this. Uh, yeah, It is gonna be good. Keep an eye out or follow clues to see...

What else...? Beats the fuck outta Me. It is only the beginning of January. I DO have multiple interviews and articles where I will be appearing. look for them.

Some of you ask about sessions. Online? YES. In person? MAYBE. Depends on who you are...

Talk soon, fuckos


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