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Visual Trance Inducer: Ass and Soles

Can visuals induce trance? Can the very sights that overtake your cock and make it hard also overtake your brain and make it susceptible to trance? YES. The new clip "Ass and Soles: Trance Inducer" is able to do exactly that. It takes your MIND and bends it to MY will by using cock controlling visuals and a perfectly coordinated soundtrack.

That's right-a SOUNDTRACK. I knew a carefully coordinated soundtrack to back the "Ass and Soles: Trance Inducer" clip would have a MASSIVE effect on the viewer. This effect is similar to those induced by binaural beats. Anything with binaural beats can of course put you into a trance via introduction of 2 different frequencies at the same time. It is also known that visuals can bore deeper into your brain if certain types of music accompany the visual flow. I have mastered JUST THAT. I have discovered the art of sending visuals as "beats" while timed to music and it provides the same trance-like effect as the best Binaural beats. The visual "beats" accompanied by audio beats makes for a similar effect as a binaural beat has on the brain. I call this the "Audacular Trance Effect" or A.T.E.

A.T.E. makes for a UNIQUE experience. There never needs to be any spoken words as long as the visual and audio effects are perfectly timed, coordinated and executed. Yet a TRANCE is induced as if there was spoken hypnosis or binaural beats. Trust Goddess, you will be hearing MORE about the Audacular Trance Effect" and how it affects the submissive mind and MORE.

Want to experience A.T.E. for yourself? Then be sure to get the spectacular "Ass and Soles: Trance Inducer" clip. It has THE most amazing visuals of ass and feet and is made to be played on a loop. This loopable quality makes edging or gooning possible to this clip. It is also perfect for ass and feet fetishists or anyone who wants to dedicate themself to THE. PERFECT. FEMDOM. GODDESS...Mixtrix.


Get it on CLIPS4SALE

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