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Diaper Losers Report HERE!

Need some DEEPER humiliation than the usual #ABDL mommy-crowd can provide? Need to be told you're an adult FUCKUP who has a weak bladder? CRAVE a foxy lady such as Myself telling you that your bladder is simply an extension of your failure? WISH there was a Domme who understood that a small bladder is like a small dick in that it keeps you from being a REAL man? Do you search for a Dominant #Humiliatrix who knows how to verbal humiliate on an ACE level? If you answered YES to any of the above then you just lucked the fuck out finding ME. I exist, fucko. Lucky for YOU, I am already doing these things.

WHY are so many #diaperlosers such as yourself DRAWN to MY STYLE of this kink? For one, it is to some degree more bladder based than shit based. WHY? Because I am TRAINING you and you pee like 10x a day and shit 1-2 at MOST. This does not mean that I don't or won't be making diaper clips focused on going "number two." I will be making clips based on such so hold your anus til thy get in my clipstore, lol. BUt to answer the ORIGINAL question asked, WHY are so many of you drawn to what I DO in diaper kink?

Think about this: DIAPERS are NOT a kink for the part timers. Most people think theyre kinky when they kiss a foot. Most people cannot even IMAGINE diapers as a kink. because of this, those who are extremely interested in diaper kink tend to be more hardcore than your average civilian. A segment of those hardcore diaper bitches LOVE humiliation. An EXTREME kink requires EXTREME humiliation at times. ESPECIALLY verbal humiliation so you can have your ego broken a little. Those with big egos do not make good diaper bitches. I need that ego broken DOWN.

I am very focused on the MIND CONTROL aspects of all my fave kinks and YOU in diapers is one of them. THINK about it though. This is a kind of "extreme" kink. It can be hard to wrap your mind around the fact you are doing it. So I will do it for you. Wrap your mind around the kink I have in store for you...

Find out for yourself. Go STRAIGHT to my many of my diaper clips by using THIS link:

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